Welcome to First Clique

The Abu Dhabi-based food and beverage service provider that's been satisfying clients since 2012. With nine branches of restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks.

We offer international cuisine that takes your palate on a journey around the world. From classic Italian dishes to Middle Eastern delights, our food is sure to delight even the most discerning of taste buds.


We take pride in building lasting relationships with our clients by working on understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations, whether catering for a large event or serving up a quick coffee on the go. We're passionate about providing the highest quality food, beverage, and services, and we're committed to meeting the latest national and international standards to ensure this

With our international cuisine featuring the likes of Italian, continental, and Middle Eastern cuisine we truly bring the flavors of the world to your plate.

First Clique Cafe and restaurants have a tie-up with Starbucks to sell its products and services at all our outlets. Just as we ensure that the food served in our establishments is of the highest quality, we also ensure that the coffee meets all the expectations of a Starbucks fan. 

It's The Restaurant You'Ve
Always Dreamed Of

To assure the satisfaction of our clients, we always ensure to accurately identify our client’s needs, satisfy their requirements and provide them with the highest quality of food, beverage, and services.

For better performance, our food and beverage and our service are always compliant with the latest national and international standards.


At First Clique, we work towards exceeding our client’s expectations by adopting a proactive approach in our day-to-day operation and strategic planning.

        We at First Clique  are confident in fulfilling the  Project’s requirements, running the operations efficiently, and having a

        professional communication standard.