Tasty Menu


Experience the ultimate in culinary excellence at First Clique. Your taste buds will thank you for it!


  • Breakfast for 1 person32 AED

Halloumi cheese labneh, olives, jam, honey, foul, Makdous & your choice of eggs

  • Breakfast For 264 AED

Fatteh chickpeas or Foul labneh, cheese falafel, vegetables, your choice of eggs, jam, olives, butter, honey, walnuts thyme, oil, makdous, thyme and cheese manakish

  • English Breakfast40 AED

Hash brown spiced beans, your choice of eggs and sausages

  • Mankoushet Zaatar12 AED

Freshly prepared Zaatar mankouche

  • Lahmajon18 AED

Fresh meat with vegetables

  • Mankoushet Cheese16 AED

prepared white cheese mankouche

  • Shakshouka20 AED

Tomatoes, onions , eggs and fetta cheese

  • Labneh18 AED

Cream labneh

  • Hummus Fatteh28 AED

Hummus and tahini, fried bread, topped with pomegranate seed, pine nuts and ghee

  • Halloumi in The Pan24 AED

Five pieces of fresh halloumi cheese

  • Falafel 9 Pieces20 AED

Nine patties of falafel prepared upon request

  • Falafel 4 Pieces10 AED

Four patties of falafel prepared upon request

  • Vegetable Platter10 AED

Vegetable mix

  • Makdous15 AED

5 Pieces of traditional stuffed eggplants

  • Foul Medames 15 AED

Foul with olive oil and lemon

  • Fried egg16 AED

Ask for eggs prepared as you like

  • Croissant12 AED

Your choice of croissant


  • Lentil Soup18 AED
Lentil Soup-min

Traditional lentil soup served with croton and lemon.

  • Vegetables Soup18 AED

Fresh vegetable soup

Vegetable Soup-min
  • Creamy Soup20 AED
Creamy Soup-min

Cream and mushroom soup

  • Seafood Soup28 AED

Creamy seafood soup

Sea Food Soup-min


  • Fatoush Salad36 AED

Fresh traditional fatuous topped with grilled bread

  • Ceasar Salad28 AED

Green lettuce with special caeser sauce and grilled toast

Ceaser Salad-min
  • Quinao Salad30 AED
Kale Quinoa-min

kale with quinoa and pomegranate seeds

  • Tabbouleh24 AED

Parsley, tomatoes, burger, onion, fresh lemon juice & olive oil

  • Greek Salad24 AED
Greek Salad-min

Vegetable salad with fetta cheese and black olives

  • First clique salad28 AED

Fresh lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and special sauce

First Clique Salad-min

Hot and Cold Appetizer

  • Hummos28 AED

A smooth thick mixture of mashed chickpeas, tahini, oil, lemon juice and garlic

  • Mutabal20 AED

Mixed eggplants marinated with tahini and lemon grilled on charcoal

  • Grape Leaves22 AED
Vine Leaves-min

8 grape leaves stuffed with vegetables , rice and olive oil

  • Barbecue Chicken Wings26 AED

Six Pieces of chicken wings marinated with barbecue sauce

Barbicue Chicken Wings-min
  • Hummus with Meat28 AED
Hommos with Meat & Pine Nuts-min

A smooth thick mixture of mashed chickpeas, tahini, oil, lemon juice, and garlic topped with meat and pine nuts

  • Cheese Roll22 AED

A mixture of mashed chickpeas, tahini, oil, lemon juice, and garlic topped with meat and pine nuts

Cheese Roll-min
  • Pumpkin Kibbeh24 AED
Pumpkin Kibbeh-min

Four pumpkin balls stuffed with spinach and nuts

  • Spring Roll20 AED

Six pieces of fried fresh vegetables rolls prepared

Spring Rolls-min
  • Jordanian Musakhan22 AED
jordian Mousakhan-min

Four rolls of chicken marinated with sumac and onion grilled with pepper sauce

  • Mushrooms with Meat28 AED

Meat and fresh mushrooms marinated

Moufaraket Mushroom & Meat-min
  • Potato with Meat28 AED
Potato & Meat-min

Potatoes cooked with meat and onions

  • Toshka30 AED

Fresh minced meat, spices and swiss cheese

  • Potato Coriander20 AED
Potato Corriander-min

Roasted potato chunks, chili pepper, garlic, coriander, and lemon juice

  • Twisted Kibbeh32 AED

Kibbeh stuffed with meat and pistachios

Twisted Kibbeh-min
  • Grilled Kibbeh32 AED
Grilled Kibbeh-min

Stuffed with pomegranate and fresh meat

  • Mozzarella Stick22 AED

6 pieces of mozzarella cheese covered with crispy buns

Mozarella Sticks-min
  • Quesadilla Chicken22 AED
Chicken Quasadilla-min

Tortilla bread stuffed with chicken, vegetables and French cheese

  • Dynamite Shrimps28 AED

Six pieces of fresh breaded fried shrimps mixed with dynamite sauce

Shrimps Dynamite-min


  • Grilled Chicken Burger28 AED
Grilled Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken breast stuffed in a fresh burger bun & fresh vegetables served with fries and coleslaw

  • Beef Burger32 AED

Beef Grilled stuffed in a fresh burger bun & fresh vegetables served with fries and coleslaw

beef burger
  • Injection Burger36 AED
injection burger

Cheddar injected grilled beef stuffed in fresh burger bun & fresh vegetables served with fries and coleslaw

  • Zinger Chicken Burger28 AED

Fried zinger chicken breast stuffed in fresh burger bun & fresh vegetables served with fries and coleslaw

Fried zinger chicken burger


  • Tuna Sandwich24 AED
Tuna Sandwich-min-min

Tuna with corn and vegetables stuffed in panini fresh bread

  • Halloumi Cheese Sandwich24 AED

Grilled halloumi cheese with vegetables stuffed in fresh bread

Halloumi Sandwich-min-min
  • Ceasar Sandwich24 AED
Ceaser Sandwich-min-min

Sliced grilled chicken, stuffed in tortilla bread served with fries and pickles.

  • Fajita Sandwich24 AED

Slices of chicken with pepper and cheese stuffed in brown fresh bread

Fahita Sandwich-min-min
  • Arabic Chicken Shawarma Sandwich15 AED
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich-min-min

Chicken shawarma sandwich with garlic and pickles stuffed in fresh Arabic bread

  • Tawook Sandwich22 AED

Grilled chicken cubes with fries and garlic stuffed in Arabic fresh bread

Shish Taouk Sandwich-min-min
  • Falafel Sandwich15 AED
Falafel sandwich-min-min

Falafel patties with vegetables and tahini sauce stuffed in fresh Arabic bread


  • Pizza Margherita25 AED
margarita pizza

Thin crust freshly baked dough pizza spread with tomato sauce and cheese

  • Pizza Pepperoni28 AED

Freshly baked thin crust with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and beef pepperoni slices

pepperoni pizza
  • Pizza Chicken28 AED
chicken pizza

Pizza dough, tomato sauce, cheese and chicken pieces

  • Vegetable Pizza27 AED

Fresh vegetable pizza

veg pizza
  • Seafood Pizza38 AED
seafood pizza

Freshly baked thin crust with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and seafood


  • Spaghetti Bolognese28 AED
Spaghetti Bolognaise-min-min

Prepared with minced meat and tomato sauce

  • Tagliatelli Alfredo30 AED

Tagliatelli pasta with mushrooms, and chicken in a creamy sauce.

Tagliatelle Alefredo-min-min
  • Penne Arabiata24 AED
Penne Arabiata-min-min

Hot tomato red sauce

  • Shrimps Spaghetti38 AED

With red sauce and prawns

Spaghetti Shrimps-min-min
  • Lasagna34 AED

Stuffed with minced meat and cheese

Main Course

  • Chicken Mushrooms38 AED
Grilled Chicken with Mushrooms-min-min

Grilled chicken breast with cream sauce served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

  • Steak Mignon54 AED

Grilled tenderloin steak with special sauce and vegetables

Steak au Mignon-min
  • Half Grilled chicken28 AED
Half Grilled Chicken-min

Half grilled chicken served with potatoes and garlic sauce

  • Lamb Chops68 AED

Four prime of lamb chops marinated in chefs special sauce

Lamb Chopped-min
  • Chicken Butter 42 AED
Chicken Butter-min

Chicken breast cooked with butter hot sauce served with biryani rice

  • Cordon Blue 44 AED

Delicious chicken cordon bleu wrap with swiss cheese and turkey ham and boiled vegetables

Cordon Blue-min
  • Chicken Escallop36 AED
Chicken Escalop-min

Crispy chicken strips with French fries

  • Salmon Grilled64 AED

Served with boiled vegetables & dill sauce

Grilled Salmon-min
  • Shish Taowk32 AED

Three skewers of grilled chicken breast cubes served with fries

  • Fakhara Chicken38 AED

Chicken breast prepared with vegetables, mushrooms and red onions wrapped in fresh bread

Chicken Makmour-min
  • First Clique Chicken48 AED
First Clique Chicken Breast-min

Slices of chicken breast served with mushroom sauce grilled potatoes and boiled vegetables

  • Golden First Clique Chicken64 AED

Slices of chicken breast covered in gold served with mushrooms sauce grilled potatoes and boiled vegetables

First Clique Chicken Breast-min
  • Chicken Shawarma Platter38 AED
Chicken Shawarma Platter-min

Chicken shawarma platter served with garlic and pickles

  • Fajita Chicken38 AED

Chicken slices with pepper and mushrooms covered with mozzarella cheese

Fajita Chicken-min

Daily Dish

  • Stuffed Cabbage32 AED
Mehshi Malfouf-min-min

Cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and white rice

  • Kibbeh in Yoghurt32 AED

Five pieces of kibbeh stuffed with meat and pine nuts served in yoghurt

Kebbeh Bel Laban-min
  • Zucchini Grape Leaves & Rib58 AED
Mahshi Koussa & Vine Leaves with Lamb Chops-min

Ten grape leaves, two zucchini and two pieces of lamb chopped stuffed with meat and rice

  • Rosto Chicken36 AED

Chicken stuffed with vegetables served with special sauce

Rosto Chicken-min


  • Cheese Kounafa25 AED
Cheese Kounafa-min

kunefe dough with cheese

  • Chocolate Sandwich Crepe25 AED

Crepe stuffed with banana and nutella chocolate

Chocolate Sandwich Crepe-min
  • Oum Ali25 AED
Oum Ali-min

Mille feuille dough with milk and cream stuffed with nuts

  • Turkish Baklawa25 AED

Enriched with the famous Turkish pistachio in a crispy baklava dough

Turkish Baklawa-min
  • Pain Perdue28 AED
Pain Perdue-min

French toast bread served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauces

Fresh Juice

  • Orange Juice23 AED
orange juice

Freshly made for you 

  • Mango Juice28 AED

Freshly made for you 

mango juice
  • Fresh Watermelon Juice24 AED
water melon juice

Freshly made for you 

  • Fresh Pineapple Juice24 AED

Fresh pineapple juice without sugar

pine apple juice
  • Fresh Kiwi Juice26 AED
kiwi juice

Fresh avocado with honey

Mocktails and Mojito

  • Refresher28 AED

Mango, orange, strawberry, pineapple, and 7up.

  • Chelsea28AED

Banana, peach, orange, and strawberry.

  • Strawberry Surprise29 AED
Strawberry Surprise

Strawberry, banana, mango, and green apple.

  • Pacific Sunset29 AED

Pineapple, orange, and grenadine syrup.

Pacific Sunset
  • Mango Lassi29 AED
Mango lassi

Mango and yogurt, with sparkling water.

  • Green Mocktail23 AED

Kiwi, green apple, pineapple, and mint.

Green Mocktail
  • Lemonade and Mint23 AED
Lemon and Mint

Lemon with crushed ice, and fresh mint.

  • Virgin Mojito23 AED

Water, lemon juice, lemon slices, and fresh mint.

Vergin Mojito-min
  • Strawberry Mojito23 AED
Strawberry Mojito-min

Juice, lemon slices, fresh mint, and squeezed strawberry.

  • Passion Fruits Mojito23 AED

Sparkling water, lemon juice, lemon slices, fresh mint, and passion syrup.

Passion Fruit Mojito-min